Courthouse & Justice Center Projects

April-2023 design-development–stage presentation document

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In early 2020, after a half-decade of alternate plans, community conversations, delayed action, and a 2019 study by Rowland Design, of Indianapolis, funded by Indiana Landmarks, the Board of Commissioners1 approved an agreement with Rowland Design to provide architectural-design services for a comprehensive rehabilitation of the historic Pulaski County Courthouse and a partial renovation of and addition to the Pulaski County Justice Center. With a combined estimated construction-costs price tag of $7.66-million, the projects propose to

  • improve the courthouse’s structural stability;
  • upgrade HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and telecommunications systems in the courthouse for improved function, comfort, and energy efficiency;
  • upgrade doors and windows in the courthouse for improved energy efficiency, aesthetics, and security;
  • update office layouts for improved office workflow;
  • create new space in the Justice Center to move the Circuit Court from the courthouse;
  • address environmental-health concerns; and
  • centralize as many County offices as possible for improved function and public service.

  View the October 2019 Rowland presentation detailing project-scope options and cost estimates (Option 2A).
The Board and County Council2 engaged BakerTilly to provide financial-advisor services relating to the County’s revenue structure, operational revenues, and project financing and Barnes & Thornburg to serve as bond counsel for the project.

The Board of Commissioners adopted Pulaski County Resolutions 2020-04, 2020-09, and 2020-10 to authorize engaging Rowland Design; to select the Construction Manager as constructor method of project delivery (pursuant to the Indiana Code); and to appoint an evaluation committee to develop and to disseminate a request for proposals (RFP), to evaluate proposals and firms interested in serving as constructor, and to recommend a firm to the Board of Commissioners. To see the committee makeup and to review committee-meeting minutes and the RFP, visit this page.

  • Pulaski County/Rowland Design contract, part 1
  • Pulaski County/Rowland Design contract, part 2
  • Pulaski County/BakerTilly contract
  • Pulaski County/Barnes & Thornburg contract
    The County’s project coordinator for this endeavor is Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan P. Origer.
    On Tuesday, 19 January 2021, on the recommendations of the CMc Evaluation Committees, the Board of Commissioners3 approved Tonn & Blank Construction, of Michigan City, Indiana, as the CMc for both the justice-center project.
    On Monday, 14 June 2021, the County Council4 adopted Ordinance 2021-07, which replaced Ordinance 2021-04, authorizing the issuance of general obligation bonds in the aggregate principal not to exceed $5,575,000 for the purposes of funding the justice-center project. On this same evening, the Board of Commissioners3 adopted Resolution 2021-05, which replaced Resolution 2021-04, approving the issuance of aforesaid bonds and the completion of the project.
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