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Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is a quasi-judicial board whose decisions may be disputed by the losing party via judicial review; neither the Advisory Plan Commission nor the county executive has the authority to review such decisions. The BZA is responsible for adjudicating the following:

  • Disputes over the interpretation of land-use ordinances
  • Special-exception requests
  • Contingent/conditional uses
  • Variances
  • Administrative appeals

The BZA meets at 6:00p.m. ET on the fourth Monday of each odd-numbered month (on Tuesday if a holiday falls on the fourth Monday), in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse. Public hearings may be scheduled, as needed, for the same time on the fourth Monday of even-numbered months.

c/o Pulaski County Building Department

BZA Members
IC 36-7-4-902(a) establishes the required composition of the BZA.

President: Rick Stone, County Commissioners’ Plan Commission appointee*
Vice-President: Pam Chumley, County Council’s citizen-member appointee
Executive Secretary: Matt Kelsey, County Commissioners’ citizen-member appointee

Phil Woolery, Plan Commission’s appointee
Derrick Stalbaum, County Commissioners’ citizen-member appointee*
*Member, BZA Rules Committee

Doug Hoover, Plan Administrator
Karla Kreamer, Administrative Secretary

Nathan P. Origer, Ex. Dir., PCCDC
Kevin Tankersley, BZA Attorney

Alternate BZA members
Doug McKinley, Plan Commission’s alternate appointee

Pulaski County BZA/APC Hearing Application for variances and special exceptions
Planning/Zoning fees
View the BZA Rules of Procedure.
View the 2017 BZA meeting schedule and minutes.

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