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Advisory Plan Commission

The Pulaski County Advisory Plan Commission (APC) is charged with implementing Pulaski County land-use planning (per the Unified Development Ordinance); hiring staff, as necessary, for the purposes of implementing and enforcing land-use codes; and revising the comprehensive plan and codes as necessary. The APC meets at 7:00p.m. ET on the fourth Monday of each odd-numbered month (on Tuesday if a holiday falls on the fourth Monday), in the Commissioners Room in the Courthouse.

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APC Members
Indiana Code 36-7-4-208(a) establishes the required composition of the APC.

President: Jim Thompson (Democrat)
Vice-President: Lawrence Loehmer, Surveyor’s designee
Executive Secretary: Doug McKinley (Republican)*

Ex-officio members
Jerome C. “Jerry” Locke, County Commissioner
Michael T. “Mike” Tiede, County Councilman
Phil Woolery, Extension Ag. Educator*

Matt Rausch (Democrat)
Rick Stone (Republican)
Abby Shidler-Dickey
*Member, APC Rules Committee

Doug Hoover, Plan Administrator
Karla Kreamer, Planning and Zoning Coordinator/Administrative Secretary

Nathan P. Origer, Ex. Dir., PCCDC
Kevin Tankersley, APC Attorney

Pulaski County APC/BZA Hearing Application for rezoning (map amendments)
Pulaski County Improvement Location Permit
Planning/Zoning fees
View the APC Rules of Procedure.
View the APC meeting schedule and minutes.

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