Advisory Plan Commission

The Pulaski County Advisory Plan Commission (APC) is charged with implementing Pulaski County land-use planning (per the Unified Development Ordinance); hiring staff, as necessary, for the purposes of implementing and enforcing land-use codes; and revising the comprehensive plan and codes as necessary. The APC meets at 7:00p.m. ET on the fourth Monday of each odd-numbered month (on Tuesday if a holiday falls on the fourth Monday), in the Commissioners Room in the Courthouse.

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APC Members
Indiana Code 36-7-4-208(a) establishes the required composition of the APC. Citizen-members serve four-year terms ending on the first Monday of January, pursuant to the APC’s Rules of Procedure and the meeting schedule of the Pulaski County Commissioners. They are not bound by term limits.

President: Lawrence Loehmer, Surveyor’s designee
Vice-President: Matt Rausch (Democrat, 2021)
Secretary: Ray Franko (Republican, 2023)

Ex-officio members
Jerome C. “Jerry” Locke, County Commissioner
Michael T. “Mike” Tiede, County Councilman
Phil Woolery, Extension Ag. Educator

Tyler Gutwein (Republican, 2024)
Bob Keller (Democrat, 2023)
Abby Shidler-Dickey (2022)
*Member, APC Rules Committee

Doug Hoover, Plan Administrator
Karla Pemberton, Planning and Zoning Coordinator/Administrative Secretary

Nathan P. Origer, Ex. Dir., PCCDC
Kevin Tankersley, APC Attorney

Pulaski County APC/BZA Hearing Application for rezoning (map amendments)
Pulaski County Improvement Location Permit
Planning/Zoning fees
View the APC Rules of Procedure.
View the 2020 APC meeting schedule and minutes.

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