Pulaski County Community Navigator

The Pulaski County Community Navigator is located in the Pulaski County Superior Court and serves youth, those in the criminal justice system, and all Pulaski County residents. The Navigator provides connection services for those who have mental-health, substance-abuse, addiction, education, transportation, prevention, harm-reduction, and food-assistance needs.

The mission of the Pulaski County Navigator is to provide all community members with much needed outreach assistance, guidance, and further programmatic development.

Referral process
All local residents and those in the justice system may be referred to the Pulaski County Navigator by completing the referral form and returning to the Superior Court office. The referral is reviewed, and the navigator investigates best options, makes an appointment with the individual, and connects them with the resources that best suit their needs. Referrals, services, and recommendations can be expected within 48 hours of receiving the referral form with the exception of holidays and weekends. This service is not a one-time occurrence: an individual may reach out to the Navigator as often as they need.

Pulaski County Resource Hub
Pulaski County resources are featured here as part of the process to connect and unite the community. To ensure the success of the program and community, the Pulaski County Navigator can be reached at the Pulaski County Superior Court.

The Pulaski County Navigator promotes and fosters connection services and resource support for community residents. If you have an interest, or want to learn more about the Navigator Service, please contact the Pulaski County Navigator.

Katie Surma (CARC), Navigator
Pulaski County Superior Court
Pulaski County Justice Center, second floor
110 East Meridian Street
Winamac, Indiana 46996
Phone: 574.205.9522 (c)
                574.946.3371 (o)