IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING COUNTY OPERATIONS AND MEETINGS: Pursuant to County announcements and policies hereunder and pursuant to paragraph 5 of Executive Order 20-08 hereunder, most County operations are suspended, notwithstanding certain court- and jail-related matters, County buildings are closed to the public, and attendance at County meetings is limited to 10 persons, including County personnel.

  • FMLA & FFCRA Documents for County Personnel re: CoViD-19
  • 26-March-2020 guidelines from the Health Officer and Coroner regarding COVID-19 deaths
  • 24-March-2020 Travel Advisory from County Health Officer
  • County Announcement Regard Temporary Workforce Reduction and Shutdown
  • Full text: FAQ regarding Governor Holcomb’s stay-at-home executive order
  • Executive Order 20-08, re: STAY AT HOME AND KEEP YOUR NEIGHBORS SAFE
  • Executive Order 20-09, re: continuity of State-government operations
  • Executive Order 20-10, re: in-person dining
  • Executive Order 20-11, re: carryout-alcohol rules
  • 20-March-2020 Notice from the Circuit and Superior Courts
  • 18-March-2020 Executive Order Closing County Buildings to the General Public
  • 18-March-2020 Personnel Policy Amendment Regarding a Temporary Workforce Reduction
  • 15-March-2020 Notice from the Circuit and Superior Courts Regarding Procedures
  • 13-March-2020 Letter to the Public from County Health Officer
  • 13-March-2020 Letter From the Coroner’s Office Regarding Identification and Autopsy Restrictions
  • Pulaski County Health Department: 574.946.6080
    Pulaski County Emergency Management: 574.946.6391
    Emergency: 911