Election 2020 – Municipal and Party

The positions listed below will be on the 2020 ballots.
Indiana is a closed-primary state. Voters may choose to vote in either the Democratic primary or the Republican primary; this decision may be made at the time of voting and is not regulated by past affiliation or primary voting. Municipal positions can only be voted on by voters residing within the corporate limits of the town. (Italics indicate incumbent office holders.)

Municipal – Medaryville

  • Town Council, at-large (vote for three)
    • Judy K. Harwood (D)
    • Arthur G. Conley (R)
    • Joe D. Jackson, Jr. (R)
    • Raymond L. Saltsman Sr. (R)
    • Suzanna J. Wilcoxon (R)
  • Clerk-Treasurer (elected at-large)
    • Stacy M. Conley (R)

    Municipal – Winamac

  • Town Council, at-large (vote for three)
    • Larry Weaver (D)
    • Judy Heater (R)
    • Tom J. “Tommy” Murray (R)
    • Terry L. Pratt (R)
    • Daniel C. Vanaman (R)
    • James W. “Jim” Watkins (R)
  • Clerk-Treasurer (elected at-large) (Melanie Berger (R) is not seeking re-election.)
    • Kendra K. Craft (R)

    Party Positions

      Precinct Committeemen (vote for one for your precinct)

    • Beaver Township Republican
      • Cass Township Republican
        • Franklin Township Republican
          • Kenneth R. Boswell
          • Terry L. Young
        • Harrison Township Republican
          • Betty L Stinemetz
        • Jefferson Township Republican
          • Betty Kruger
        • Indian Creek Township Republican
          • Teresa Bryant
        • Monroe Township – 1 Republican
          • Kimberly Burke
        • Monroe Township – 2 Republican
          • Judy Heater
        • Monroe Township – 3 Republican
          • Lorena H. “Holly” VanDerAa
        • Monroe Township – 4 Republican
          • Daniel P. Murphy
        • Rich Grove Township Republican
          • Salem Township Republican
            • Susan Overton
          • Tippecanoe Township Republican
            • Douglas L. Klausing
          • Van Buren Township Republican
            • Lenora K. Hoover
          • White Post Republican
            • Patricia L. Tiede
            State Party Convention Delegates

          • Democratic Party, elected at-large (vote for four)
            • Kelli M. Denton
            • Brenda Fishtorn
            • Jessica M. “Jessye” Gilley
          • Republican Party, elected at-large (vote for four)
            • Kelly M. Gaumer
            • Douglas L. Gutwein
            • Emily Hizer
            • Daniel P. Murphy
            • Laura Wheeler
            • Brian Young

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