County Council

The County Council, Pulaski County’s fiscal-legislative body, is responsible for appropriating all funds for use by the County and its officers, fixing the rate of taxation for County purposes, fixing salaries of County employees, and adoption of the annual budget. The County Council meets on the second Monday of each month (Tuesday when a holiday falls on the Monday) Commissioners’ Room, in the Courthouse, meeting room of the County Highway garage, 1131 North U.S.-35, Winamac, until further notice at 7:00p.m. Eastern.

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING COUNTY MEETINGS: Pursuant to paragraph 5 of Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order 20-08, attendance at County meetings is limited to 10 persons, including County personnel, until such time as said order has been lifted. In order to comply with amended Open Door Law policies, the County will live-stream public meetings via Facebook and/or other media.

Four members of the Council must live in and be voted for by the residents of districts, and three at-large members may reside anywhere in Pulaski County and are voted for by all residents.

Specific information regarding County Council activities can be obtained from the Council Secretary at the Auditor’s Office, or by calling 574-946-3653.

Jerry G. “Jay” Sullivan, Jr., President, at-large
Michael T. Tiede, Vice-President, District 4
Kathleen “Kathi” Thompson, District 1
Ronald “Rudy” DeSabatine, District 2
Brian Young, District 3
Ken Boswell, at-large
Scott Hinkle, at-large

View the 2020 Council meeting schedule and minutes.
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Council Districts
1: Harrison Township, Van Buren Township, Monroe Township east/northeast of U.S.-35 and the Roberts Ditch
2: Beaver Township, Indian Creek Township, and Monroe Township west/southwest of U.S.-35 and the Roberts Ditch
3: Franklin, Jefferson, Rich Grove, and Tippecanoe Townships
4: Cass, Salem, and White Post Townships
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