Clerk of Courts

The Clerk of the Courts is elected for a four-year term and may serve up to two consecutive terms in a 12-year period. The clerk is the keeper of the records of the courts and serves as the chief financial officer for the revenues collected on behalf of the courts. The clerk, by statute, serves as the Secretary to the Pulaski County Commission on Public Records. Furthermore, the clerk oversees the election process as a member of the Election Board, of which the clerk is secretary.

Courthouse, Room 230

JoLynn Behny, Clerk
574-946-3313 (Office)
574-946-4953 (Facsimile)

Visit the Election Board’s Election 2022 page.
Make payments to the Clerk’s Office online.*,**
*Child-support payments cannot be made online. **You must submit your cause number to the online payment system.

  • Collect, distribute, and reconcile monies related to the court cases
  • Collect fees, fines, and court costs for traffic infractions, deferrals, and pre-trial diversion
  • Serve as trustee of child-support collections when it is ordered by the Court to be paid
    through the Clerk’s Office.
  • Process civil, criminal, and juvenile cases; adoptions; estates; guardianships; small claims; and infractions; as well as protective orders.
  • Maintain the judgment docket and record of judgments and orders
  • Prepare certified copies of documents
  • Act as Voter Registration Officer for the County
  • Generate and draw juror names for the courts
  • Process marriage applications and licenses