Assessor’s Office

The County Assessor is elected for a four-year term and may be re-elected without limit. The County Assessor oversees a four-year cyclical reassessment. Also, the County Assessor oversees all levels of preparing for and collection of field work of real property as prescribed by the State of Indiana. The Assessor’s office is responsible for entering sales-disclosure and other information into the State of Indiana’s Gateway as prescribed by law. The County Assessor is the Secretary of the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals.

Courthouse, Room 120

Holly VanDerAa, Assessor
574-946-3845 (Office)
574-946-7648 (Facsimile)


  • Data input
  • Sending of Form 11
  • Informal and formal appeals
  • Indiana Board of Tax Review cases
  • Maintaining public records, including of real-property assessments
  • Meeting Department of Local Government deadlines with all levels of assessing and     compliance issues
  • Handling personal property filings
  • Auditing of personal property returns
  • Providing to the Auditor’s Office assessed values for all real and personal property annually

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Pulaski County Resolution #2021-06, regarding callback provisions and assessment-appeal prohibitions in the case of assessed-value deductions granted as incentive for investment