2022 Primary Election

The positions listed below will be on the 2020 general-election ballot. (Italics indicate incumbent office holders.)

Municipal – Medaryville

  • Town Council, at-large (vote for three)(Raymond L. Saltsman Sr. (R) was unsuccessful in the primary.)
    • Judy K. Harwood (D)
    • Arthur G. Conley (R)
    • Joe D. Jackson, Jr. (R)
    • Suzanna J. Wilcoxon (R)
  • Clerk-Treasurer (elected at-large)
    • Stacy M. Conley (R)

    Municipal – Winamac

  • Town Council, at-large (vote for three)
    • Larry Weaver (D)
    • Judy Heater (R)
    • Tom J. “Tommy” Murray (R)
    • James W. “Jim” Watkins (R)
  • Clerk-Treasurer (elected at-large) (Melanie Berger (R) is not seeking re-election.)
    • Kendra K. Craft (R)


  • County Commissioner, District 1 (Cass, Rich Grove, Franklin, and Tippecanoe Townships; elected at-large.)(Jerome C. “Jerry” Locke (R-Franklin Twp.) is not seeking re-election.)
    • Douglas A. Denton (D-Monterey)
    • Maurice E. Loehmer (R-Tippecanoe Twp.)
  • County Commissioner, District 2 (White Post, Jefferson, Salem, and Beaver Townships; elected at-large.)(Kenneth R. “Kenny” Becker (R-Jefferson Twp.) is not seeking re-election.)
    • Charles R. “Chuck” Mellon, Jr. (R-Francesville)
  • County Council, at-large (vote for three)
    (Jerry G. “Jay” Sullivan (R-Franklin Twp.) and Scott E. Hinkle (R-Van Buren Twp.) are not seeking re-election.)
    • Renee Calabrese (D-Monroe Twp.)
    • Kenneth R. Boswell (R-Franklin Twp.)
    • Adam J. Loehmer (R-Tippecanoe Twp.)
    • Tim A. Overmyer (R-Tippecanoe Twp.)
  • County Auditor (elected at-large)
    • Carmin M. Ruff (D-Van Buren Twp.)
    • Laura Wheeler (R-Star City)
  • County Recorder (elected at-large)
    • Criston L. Zehner (D-Monterey)
    • Susan J. Fox (R-Indian Creek Twp.)
  • County Treasurer (elected at-large)
    • Teresa L. Bryant (R-Indian Creek Twp.)


  • Governor of Indiana
    • Woodrow “Woody” Myers (D-Indianapolis)
    • Donald G. Rainwater II (L-Westfield)
    • Eric Holcomb (R-Indianapolis)
  • Attorney General of Indiana
    • Jonathan Weinzapfel (D-Evansville)
    • Todd Rokita (R-Hendricks County)
  • Indiana State Senate, District 5
    • Luke Bohm (D-Valparaiso)
    • Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso)
  • Indiana House of Representatives, District 16
    • Michael A. Lovely (D-Jasper County)
    • Douglas L. Gutwein (R-Francesville)


  • President of the United States of America
    • Joseph R. Biden (D-Delaware)
    • Donald J. Trump (R-Florida)
    • Brian Carroll (Write-in/American Solidary-California)
    • Howie Hawkins (Write-in/Green-New York)
    • Shawn Howard (Write-in/independent-Florida)
    • Abram Loeb (W.-i./ind.-New York)
    • Valerie McCray (W.-i./ind.-Indiana)
    • Deborah Rouse (W.-i./ind.-Tennessee)
    • Joe Schriner (W.-i./ind.-Ohio)
    • Christopher Stried (W.-i./ind.-Indiana)
    • Kasey Wells (W.-i./ind.-Illinois)
    • Mitchell Williams (W.-i./ind.-Florida)
    • James L. Johnson, Jr. (W.-i./other-Indiana)
  • United States House of Representatives, District 2
    • Patricia “Pat” Hackett (D-South Bend)
    • Jackie Walorski (R-Jimtown)

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